Tuesday, February 12, 2008

get mortified, sf - doomed valentine's day show

funniest show... EVER!!!

the man that started it all. literally.
DAVE NADLEBERG: "The letter that started it all! A shy teen's attempt at a witty letter to ask a girl out."

HEATHER ARONSON: "A young girl's fantasy affairs with heavy metal love gods!"

LESLIE MCLEAN: "Hear what religious suppression can do for your sex drive!"

SHERRY BELUL: "Why cheerleaders should not date the high school football coach!"

GJ ECHTERNKAMP: "See how changing his clothing style turned this incredibly dorky, glasses wearing, nerd into a hot studmuffin, and how this new power transformed him to a total prick!"

SHAUN PARKER: "Witness a boy's pathetic attempt at love by recreating a poorly made heavy metal love ballad video."

Scott Lifton, our host and a live house rock band - LIVE EVIL!!! yeah!

guest enjoying the evening

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//ed pingol


shaun said...

Hi Ed, this is Shaun Parker and all I can say is...wow...just..wow. These are sooo fantastic and it's been a while since I've seen a pic of me that doesn't make me squirm, just amazing! Thanks!

Laurent said...


Awesome pics man. This is Laurent, the singer from Live Evil, would you have the pics of us onfile that w ecanb post on our myspace? Would you be cool with that? We'd obviously credit them to you. Let me know. Thanks!

Laurent said...

Ed, forgot to give you my e-mail sorry: Lmartini74@yahoo.com. Thanks again.