Friday, February 8, 2008

back to school!!!

commentator: monica

it's been about a year and a month since we officially (and legally =) started our business. since eddie decided to "stick it to the man" and now become his own "man," he needed to make sure he knew the ins-and-outs of running his own business. we had heard great things about the nxlevel training program run by the solano small business development center. when our friend peter from mellange studio (awesome video/editing services company!) let us know he was interested in participating, we knew it had to be good, so we decided to show up for the orientation about a couple of weeks. little did we know that sbdc's recruitment efforts were not needed since there was an influx of people and they only had a limited number of spots open for this term. when we got the call last week, we were thrilled!

this past tuesday was our first day of "school." eddie and i did our best to prepare by bringing plenty of snacks, finishing our reading and completing our first assignment (yes, that's right! we had homework due even before we had our first class!), and coordinating a carpool together with peter. i had asked eddie if he planned to take his camera with us but he wasn't sure. luckily, peter brought his point-and-shoot so we could document our very first day in school. i think i was the only one excited to be back in the class out of the three of them. eddie and i were in fierce competition with who had the better work completed. i was, for sure, better than him at the word puzzles we did as our "icebreaker." =)

thanks for the photos, peter!

photos by: peter eugenio

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Pete Rock Star said...

Ed and Monica - I'm honored to be part of your personal blog of thingie's. I've continued to rave about not only your talents, but each of your unique personalities as well. I'm enjoying every second we interact and I feel like 2008 has a lot of positive energy to bring to all of us. I'm glad to have crossed paths with the two of you. As I've said from the beginning, I'm here to help you guys in any way I can. I hope I'm backing that up with actions.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to the NX level challenge. I want to jump to week 6 already where things get really crazy. I like to hear that the class was not only difficult to get in but the fact that it has only a 60% pass rate. I know we are all up for that battle!

Well - hopefully when we graduate we can celebrate together.

P.S. How are you going to post my wack 1 megapixel camera pics next to your artistic 50 megapixel $5,000 dollar lens, super professional enhanced pictures of yours? That's just not cool!