Monday, April 16, 2007

Drew's (a.k.a. DL da ARSUN) Photoshoot

guest commentator: monica

when we first consulted with drew about a project he proposed to us, boy were we hesitant! i mean, come on now, ed is primarily a wedding/event photographer, and secondarily, a product photographer. but with his strong faith in us and his enthusiasm, we couldn't pass up the chance to shoot rap artist drew, a.k.a. DL da ARSUN, for his next album cover, "work now, play later," and promotionals.

we knew he'd want something edgy, yet "different," which is what he stated to us. all i kept thinking was "please don't make him look like a backstreet boy!" so we decided on the hard, geometric lines of the de young museum in golden gate park, followed by a trip down to the parking garage with it's bright green backdrop and linear-railed staircase. lastly, drew wanted to take some pictures with his car. so off to the presidio we went, right under the freeway. coincidentally, the view of the gg bridge behind the concrete pillars perfectly matched his westcoast t-shirt.

thanks, drew, for letting us photograph you. i know you are "camera-shy" but it definitely doesn't show in your pics! and sorry ladies, he's taken and happily married to the lovely donna! stay tuned for more of drew, when we shoot their e-pics and church wedding. =)

the "real deal" hard at work

so many words & focusing on the ipod

contemplating the next verse

green garage & chillin' with his music in the spiral

rims and bling! mic, check one, two, three...

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Mark Edgington said...

Sweet shots Ed!
I swear I saw you doing this shoot. Were you shooting on Saturday at the ampitheatre steps across from the Japanese Tea Garden around 5-6pm? I was there with my wife just enjoying the day. I was wondering what you guys were up to.