Tuesday, September 4, 2007

the day before and the day after vanessa's wedding

so a group of us went this "PINK BERRY" shop where they serve "HEALTHY" desserts. right... anyways, this thing was TOO good to be healthy. oh, and they don't allow photography inside. little did i know that i was going to drive monica to pink berry 3 times in one weekend. thanks a lot guys for introducing monica to this new addiction.

later on that day, we all went to disney town... or whatever it's called to have dinner (again). monica and i were starving right before we all went to disney so, monica and i quickly went out for "korean" sushi.

my good friend b and his very lovely wife. he has a rangefinder... lieca. look it up of you don't know. = ) jit got several portraits (i'll bill you later) and vic REALLY likes legos.

we all decided to go to tortilla jo's after being told that the wait was going to be over an hour at other places. still, jit kept the ESPN buzzer.

during the wedding

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Anonymous said...

I love Pink Berry, I miss Pink Berry, I want Pink Berry!