Friday, August 10, 2007

one day - two way workshop

it was great to finally meet the talented nate, susan, erwin and palos this past thursday. so much talent and energy all packed into one day. the workshop was fun and it was great to meet all the other students. i didn't take as many photos as i had thought... bummer, but i'm sure everybody else did! hope to see more photos of the day soon.


the class out on the field - nate talking about his "stick"

nate working his magic on the "tough guy" protrait of me. photo taken by erwin

on the field on our own applying the techniques discussed - this is the talented louis palos aka "paul". = )

"dimples" aka melissa working her magic

see erwin pose, see erwin jump, and see erwin laugh.

photo creds below: louis palos

photo creds: dimples aka melissa

class candids

photo creds: nate

"class of 2007"


erwin wijanto said...

Dude... You are fast .....
I've just arrived in Seattle today.. and getting ready to head out for the wedding this afternoon.. I am sooo tired :(... It was great to finally met you... FUN Times LOL... Thx for the post.. ~erwin (I'll post mine later this weekend)

MB said...

You guys were a blast....but you seriously did remind me of my cousins.....

You're on my blog

louis palos said...

the fantastic four! Haha! I had fun hanging out with you all, we need to plan a photo mission or crash one of erwins weddings in seattle. I'll post mine on my blog when I get home on Sunday.

Louis "hey paul" palos

Kelly Kuntz said...

Ed these are awesome! I only took a few photos :-( and none as good as these!

Tom Midak said...

Ed, What camera settings do you normally use when shooting straight into the sun and get such blue sky and perfect lighting on the person?