Tuesday, May 15, 2007

picnic in folsom

monica, brian and i headed out to sunny Folsom, CA to join marge and her family for a (healthy) picnic afternoon. thank goodness i brought some meat with fat in it. i was going to die of "healthiness". = )

we then drove to marges' fabulous home and celebrated with some delicious cake.

this is marge's coworkers... er, the adults. the kids are their kids. one of the kiddos name is "boo". = ) can you guess which one?

this is LOLA majestically swimming along the fresh water lake.


brian doing something...

the cake was SOO good.

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Margerie said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! i have pics of me on this blogspot again! ooh cake...yum-O. healthy organic bbqs are good for you!