Monday, May 21, 2007

cheyenne's baptism and celebration

this past weekend was filled with SO much memories... i'm really glad that i have a camera in hand to help me remember all the fun monica and i have been having. we started the weekend with not one, but two senior portrait sessions, then directly headed to the dentist to get a deep cleaning. right after, i got ready to go to phil's bachelor party. then on sunday, monica dragged me out of bed to get ready to go to church. especially special because it's cheyenne's day to be baptized and monica is scheduled to be a god-mother. awww....

inside the church

i hope the water isn't cold

rosario family and god parents

right after the church, we all headed to blue rock springs for some fun and good eats. look at these kids having fun with bubbles. yea!

flag football - brandon was especially good.

and for those that doesn't like runnig, there's always a "duck" kite to fly.

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