Monday, May 28, 2007

catalina island mini vacation trip

monica and i visited catalina island during the long weekend and man was it fun!

we took jetblu. monica slept while i watched ninja turtles

once we arrived in long beach, we had a couple of hours wait til the ferry. so, to pass the time we took some "phoon" pics.

we actually didn't mind having to wait because that just meant more time to fool around with the camera.

going 35knots towards catalina

ahhhh... beautiful weather, alcohol and phooning. it doesn't get any better than this

we watch pirates III at the casino and checked out the super rare pipe organ being played by a very talented pirate.

catalina at night

our good friends joey and crissy came out to catalina. we ate and snorkeled in the 62 degree water.

i think i just about ate everything in sight.

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Jonathan Canlas said...

from the looks of this, everyone needs to experience a pingol vacation. dude, that looks like a blast. and of course, great shots. you make me want to get a digital camera, well, kind of. :)