Sunday, April 22, 2007

vedalyn's senior portrait session

guest commentator: monica

when asked to photograph vedalyn's senior pictures, we didn't hesitate, since her future alma mater is certainly a great location for shooting. and as always, that beautiful bay area weather magic that we keep coming across maintained its power during our shoot with not a single drop of rain present. tired of the studio senior portraits commonly seen throughout every yearbook and framed pristinely along a proud parent's wall, vedalyn was seeking something less traditional and more modern. along with the prestigiousness of the uc berkeley campus and the scholarly achievements of this soon-to-be grad, we wanted to capture the presence of spring, as well as the fun & flirty side of vedalyn. the camera definitely likes both sides of this gorgeous grad! congratulations, vedalyn! we're so proud of you!!

thrilled to be graduating!

the renowned entrance to the campus, sather gate

woodsy and earthy

spontaneous moment

catching a little wind

enjoying a spring day at ucb

university library

the most recognizable landmark of berkely: campanile tower

proud to be a cal bear

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Bumatay said...

Nice job Ed - all these images ROCK! My favs are the one with the reflection, and the spinning one.